Monica is a Humber College graduate. She graduated from the Business Administration and Management field and has found a passion working alongside her sister as the sales and operations specialist for Vallari Decor. From being the president of one of the biggest post-secondary schools in Canada (twice in a row), she has taken her following and skills and projected it onto the brand, making it a seamless, convenient and successful online space for everyone. Apart from these, Monica enjoys learning about different cultures and adapting to different languages while creating a melodic work space through her graceful singing.

Monica Khosla (She/her), (Customer Experience)

Victoria is a graduate of the Sustainable Energy and Building Technology program at Humber College and is currently a student in the Architectural program. Since 2021, Victoria has immersed herself within the positive culture at Vallari Decor and has allowed her creativity to shine through her role as a dispatcher and packaging and delivery associate. Victoria’s love for designing and building sustainable environments is portrayed through her passion for creating macrame pieces and encouraging healthy and positive living. She continues to dedicate herself to boosting the reputation of the brand. Victoria loves to take trips whenever she can, explore the surroundings and attractions around her and hang out with friends and family members during the weekends. 

Victoria Gutierrez (She/Her), (Warehouse Associate)

Tanbir is a Western University graduate. She studied in the science field and accomplished a science degree from which she wants to pursue being a reiki master and embodies the soul of a free spirit. Since 2018, Tanbir has fallen in love with Vallari Decor and the working environment within. Her bond with Sonia as well as other team members has elevated the reputation and credibility of the brand amongst Canadians and international customers. Tanbir manages and ensures that you have a pleasant experience with orders, products, shipping and delivery. 

Tanbir Pohar (She/Her)
Customer Service

Japleen is a Humber College graduate. Japleen graduated from the Global Business Management program and since 2020 she has been able to use her skills and knowledge to encourage a positive and safe warehouse environment at Vallari Decor. Her love for Reiki doesn’t go unnoticed as she hopes to incorporate her adventurous attitude and appreciation towards helping and working with people from different cultures. Her kindness motivates everyone to support her through her journey of becoming a registered nurse. Just like her paragliding experience, she wishes for customers to experience a stress-free and ‘gliding’ delivery and pick-up service. 

Japleen Kaur Sethi (She/Her)

Sonia is a Ryerson University graduate. She obtained a Bachelors in Commerce and a Post-Graduate credential in Corporate Communications and Public Relations. Since graduating, she has been excelling in the event organization and decor industry. With a goal to produce affordable feather centerpieces, her start-up company - Featherology - was born. After receiving tons of recognition, trust and demand for her products, she ventured out to expand her business and eventually changed the name to Vallari Decor which is derived from the Sanskrit language meaning Goddess Parvati (a Hindu Goddess). Just like the Holy Goddess, Vallari Decor represents love, beauty, fertility (the birth of new ideas), strength and power. Sonia’s dedication, passion and professionalism has pushed for a reputable, respected and trusted Canadian company.

Sonia Khosla (She/Her)
Owner & Founder


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Thank you for your order! Due to the variety of products we have, if they are natural there sometimes is a color difference especially in terms of lighting. We do try our best to get the most natural light for our images. If you are still unsure and need help please reach out to us. 

I received the wrong items. what do I do?

The shipping is automatically combined. If you are purchasing multiple items, the dimensional weight of the package will increase, therefore increasing the shipping. We do heavily pack our items to reduce breakage and that also add to the cost of shipping.


Dried products are natural and do vary in color and are only in season for short amounts of sprouts. They do vary in color, texture, and sometimes size. For floral bouquets if one is ordered and something is not in season or available we will make it with a very similar item.

Can i have more information on your dried floral products?

Thank you for your order! If you can send us a message with an image showing us the damage we can help with your inquiry. We are sincerely sorry that an item came damaged. Please note once a product is delivered and it has been more than 72 hours after a product is received we are unable to verify was the damage was caused due to being in transit or with something else.

My Product arrived damaged. what do i do?

The ostrich feathers we carry are originated from South Africa. We purchase the by-product of the ostrich (the feathers) from a poultry/meat shop.

Where do you source your feathers from?

Thank you for your order! Please let us know if there is any way we can help with an item before wanting to return. If you do choose to return please refer to our return policy.

How do i make a return?

Thank you for your order and your patience. We ship out from Toronto, Ontario, and it does take approximately 7-12 business days for Canadian/US orders. For International orders it can take 7-21 business days.

Please note that these are just shipping estimates and at any time there can be delays due to unknown or unseen circumstances. There are also sometimes processing delays, however, if it exceeds 30 business days from the ship date and nothing has updated please reach out to us and let us know and we will start to investigate this for you.

My shipping hasn't updated. what do i do?

We hope you love the pampas! To get started, please gently remove from the packaging. The easiest way it to remove the tape on the stems and take the plastic off upwards. As you take the pampas out of the bag, please remember it has been compressed during shipping, so some shedding is likely.

To fluff it up, blow dry your pampas on low. Sometimes you need to bump it up to medium, but be gentle but take it slow. We recommend doing this in a place that is easily cleaned, such as tile flooring or ideally... outdoors. Once it is fluffed up, use a bit of hairspray to hold it. Then, add to your lovely vase and you are good to go!


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